"... Kerr's Home Products exhibits expedience with no compromise in quality."

  Parkview Homes

“I can remember the first meeting on our site with Rob Duffy  from Kerr’s.  He looked over at the three homes I was behind on.  He said he would have them trimmed by tomorrow night.  At least a weeks work for our regular crew.  He finished all three by 2:00 pm with good quality and workmanship. Parkview Homes of Peterborough Ontario has used Kerr’s Home Products and for over thirteen years in well over 1000 homes.  We have had no problem with the frames in its structure or stability. In our view the time saved and the quality of their products has contributed to our success.” – Steve MaLaren, Parkview Homes.

  Leblanc Enterprises

“Our houses range from 1200 -  3000 sq. ft. With this product, Kerr’s Home Products are able to trim out a house in one day, which greatly facilitates us in meeting our deadlines.  Prior to this, a trimming would exceed over two days. Most importantly to us is quality. We rate our trades a to number of deficiencies and Kerr’s Home Products would be ranked as one of our best trades in this matter due to the exact tolerances of the ‘PRESTRO FRAME’.
LeBlanc Enterprises has been in business for over 20 years and have used Kerr’s Home Products for 14 years.  We would describe our relationship as excellent. Kerr’s Home Products exhibits expedience with no compromise in quality.  In particular, their ‘PRESTOFRAME” product has contributed greatly to the above attributes.” – Steve Tackaberry, Site Supervisor.



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